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Below are frequently asked questions

Permanent cosmetic makeup is an unregulated industry; anyone can buy a machine and attempt to perform permanent makeup procedures – including yourself. It’s important to always make sure you check credentials and ask if the technician is Bloodborne Pathogen Certified. By using an unqualified practitioner, not only are you taking a chance with your facial beauty, but you could be taking a chance with your life. If you do not choose a certified and qualified professional you are at risk of contracting serious diseases.

The FAQs below should cover most of the queries you might have about permanent makeup, from what is permanent makeup to important aftercare tips. If you have any other questions, please contact me.

What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup is the art of inserting pigment into the second layer of the skin, called the dermis layer, to simulate natural-looking makeup and enhancing your natural beauty! Procedures offered by Permanent Makeup by Justine include microblading, powder brows, eyeliner, eyelash enhancement, lip liner and full lip color.

What is Micropigmentation?

Micropigmentation is just another name for permanent and semi-permanent makeup. It is a cosmetic treatment used to enhance your natural beauty.

What is Paramedical Pigmentation?

Paramedical pigmentation / tattooing is the camouflaging of skin discolorations to help restore features taken away by surgery, scars, aging, disease, or by unfortunate circumstances, such as Vitiligo, that have altered one’s appearance on the face and body. The discoloration is camouflaged to a person’s natural skin tone or hair color, resulting in a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. 3D areola tattooing for breast cancer survivors is offered as well. Most paramedical procedures do not use pigment, but require natural collagen to form and plump up areas on the body. These procedures can plump up acne scars, stretch marks, releasing scars from surgery or cuts that have scarred.

How Much is Permanent Eyeliner?

Permanent makeup cost, including permanent eyeliner, isn’t necessarily cheap (in fact, you should be wary of any technician offering bargain-basement prices) but can represent excellent value compared to the savings you can make on temporary makeup products. Contact us to talk about the treatments you’re interested in and to discuss costs.

What to look for in a Technician?

Technicians must have completed Permanent Makeup Training from a reputable center for more than 100 hours and have:
• Certifications in Micropigmentation (Permanent Makeup)
• Certification in Bloodborne Pathogens
• SHARPS container
• Licensed and Permitted by The Health Department
• Licensed with the City in which they work
Ask to see these certifications since they are legally required to be displayed. Also note that under the Health Department requirements, when performing a procedure they should be gloved, gowned, goggled, masked and have barrier film on anything that is not disposed of. Technicians must show you the needle is disposed of in a SHARPS container.

Is Permanent Makeup safe?

Yes, it is. I am Bloodborne Pathogen Certified to keep you safe and healthy from the spread of diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis and Herpes. (You can get any of these diseases if you choose someone that is not qualified and certified.) All procedures are performed using disposable supplies that follow guidelines as required by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and OSHA regulations. My facility is a clean, safe, and sterilized environment that has been inspected and permitted by the Health Department.

How long will Permanent Makeup last?

Many factors influence the longevity of permanent makeup such as the sun, hormones, skincare products, chlorine pools, medications, hydration of the skin and how well you comply with aftercare. If all is done correctly, it will last 1-3 years, whereas microblading lasts 6-12 months.

How long will the procedure take?

Procedure times may vary depending on the area of application, the individual’s case, how much work needs to be done and sensitivity. Most procedures will take anywhere from 1-2 hours. Four to six weeks later a touch-up session should last about 30 minutes per area.

Is the procedure uncomfortable?

I use high-strength numbing before and during the procedure for your comfort. Do not have a permanent makeup procedure one week before or during menstruation. If you are prone to sensitivity, you can take a Benadryl 30 minutes before your appointment which will keep any swelling to a minimum, and in some cases help to relax you. Please consult your doctor before taking Benadryl or if under a physician’s care.

What should I do before my treatment appointment?

Three days prior to your appointment stop using any and all supplements that can cause your blood to thin. Please consult your doctor before doing this. Do not take Aspirin products, Ibuprofen, Naproxen, caffeine, alcohol etc. Do not work out, suntan or wax the procedure area. If you are prone to sensitivity, you can take a Benadryl 30 minutes before your appointment to help reduce the watering of your eyes. It is an antihistamine that will help minimize tearing all the ink away during eyeliner procedures, as well as keeping any swelling to a minimum, and in some cases help to relax you. If you are receiving an eyeliner or eyelash enhancement treatment, please have someone drive you. As always, please check with your doctor if you are under medical care or have questions.

What information is important to tell my technician?

Let your technician know of anything below:

-under Physicians care
-Pregnant or Nursing
-Viral Infections and/or/diseases,
-Pacemaker or major heart problems
-Skin irritations or Psoriasis (rashes, sunburn, acne)
-Sick (cold, flu, etc.)
-Botox in the past 2 months
-Accutane in the past year
-Autoimmune disease (Vitiligo)
-Taking blood thinners (aspirin, garlic, fish oil)
-Easily keloid or have discoloration due to scars or Vitiligo

What can I expect after the procedure?

Color appears darker, thicker and unnatural looking in the beginning. Color is 20-40% darker and starts fading after 5 days to a softer and natural look in appearance. Depending on the intensity of the procedure and your own body’s healing ability, you may experience mild swelling and redness anywhere from 24-72 hours. The technician will explain and provide aftercare to take home with you post-procedure, including a sample of tattoo ointment needed to apply to tattoo area.

What are my aftercare instructions?

Keep the area tattooed moist with no direct water for 5 days for eyes, and 10 days for eyebrows, lips and camouflaging procedures. Lightly apply Aquaphor 2-3 times a day and evening, never allowing your tattoo to dry. If you do not follow proper aftercare and you form a scab, it will pull all the color out of your skin. Stay away from sun, tanning bed, IPL, lasers, salt water, hot tub, sauna, and steam room for 4 weeks post-procedure. The technician will provide additional aftercare to take home with you post-procedure, including a sample of tattoo ointment. Remember, as a technician I have done my 50%; it is the client’s responsibility to do their 50%.


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