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Paramedical Permanent Makeup

Paramedical Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup by Justine offers a range of paramedical permanent makeup procedures. Paramedical permanent makeup can be used to improve the appearance of a number of conditions affecting the skin, including the treatment of vitiligo, rosacea and other conditions resulting in hyper- and hypo-pigmentation of the skin. From her salon in Laguna Niguel, Orange County, Justine also provides non-surgical treatments for scar reduction, as well as areola reconstruction.

Paramedical treatments provided by Permanent Makeup by Justine include:

Melanocyte Restoration

There are a number of conditions which can result in hypo- or hyper-pigmentation of the skin. These can understandably affect self-confidence, and many sufferers look for permanent or semi-permanent methods for the treatment of vitiligo, rosacea and other conditions affecting skin pigments. Melanocyte Restoration involves repeatedly pricking the affected areas to stimulate the melanocyte cells to produce melanin, leading to re-pigmentation of the skin and allowing neighboring skin tones to blend more fluidly.

Scar Relaxation

Scar Relaxation is a scar reduction technique that involves working a sterile needle deeper into the dermal layer on a scar or burn, to loosen the fibrous scar tissue and allow greater flexibility of movement. This scar treatment procedure was developed almost 30 years ago by Susan Church, founder of the International Institute of Permanent Cosmetics (IIPC) where Justine studied for her qualifications in cosmetic and paramedical permanent makeup.

3D Areola

Justine offers areola reconstruction procedures that can recreate a realistic and pleasing areola for people who have had breast surgery or augmentation, as well as those who are simply unhappy with the color, shape or size of their areolas. Areola repigmentation creates a nipple with genuinely authentic-looking color, shape and depth.

Collagen Rejuvenation Therapy (CRT)

Collagen Rejuvenation Therapy (CRT) is a tried-and-tested method of plumping up the skin by encouraging the natural reproduction of collagen through needling of the dermis. It is commonly used for fine to deep wrinkles, but can also work as a scar treatment – including pockmarks – and to improve the appearance of stretch marks.