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Permanent Makeup and Semi Perm Makeup in Orange County

Permanent makeup and semi-perm makeup allows you to look your very best, every day, by subtly enhancing your own natural beauty. Permanent Makeup by Justine offers a variety of cosmetic permanent and semi-permanent makeup options to help enhance your eyes, eyebrows, lips and other features – in addition to paramedical permanent makeup solutions that can improve scars, stretch marks, and skin problems such as hyper- or hypo-pigmentation.

Permanent Makeup by Justine is conveniently located at Salon Sauvage Day Spa & Boutique in Laguna Niguel, Orange County. Justine is a fully qualified and certified permanent makeup artist, who undertook her training at the International Institute of Permanent Cosmetics (IIPC). Experienced in both cosmetic and paramedical permanent and semi-perm makeup techniques, Justine holds full Bloodborne Pathogens Certification and Health Department authorization, so you can be confident of being treated to the highest professional standards, in a clean and sterile environment.

Examples of the permanent and semi-permanent solutions offered by Permanent Makeup by Justine include:

  • Custom eyebrows – With either microblading or powder brow you can achieve fuller, more striking eyebrows, even if you have light or thin hair. These techniques are also suitable for individuals who suffer from alopecia, or post-chemotherapy.
  • Eyeliner and eyelash enhancement – The key to striking-looking eyes. Permanent Makeup by Justine can enhance the lash line of anyone with sparse eyelashes, while permanent eyeliner means you don’t have to apply fresh makeup every day.
  • Lip liner and lip blush – A full lip blush is ideal for anyone who wants a solid lip color at all times, while the lip liner technique creates full, sultry lips and enhances the Cupid’s bow look.
  • Paramedical permanent makeup treatments that can improve the cosmetic appearance of your body and facial features include scar and burn relaxation, Collagen Rejuvenation Therapy (CRT), and melanocyte reconstruction to alleviate hyper- or hypo-pigmentation of the skin.



I am so thrilled with my new, thicker, darker eyebrows. I look as if I’ve had an eye lift! Enjoying the many compliments that I’ve been receiving. Thank you Justine! I am so excited to have my lip liner done next.

“I love my eyebrows! They complete my face and I don’t have to spend so much time penciling them in. I get compliments on them everyday”

“I wish I had done this a long time ago. My left brow is lower than my right naturally and it always bothered me and now I have symmetrical brows”

“I love looking done when I wake up, it’s awesome. I can see the brow strokes now that I’m done healing, looks very natural”

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